Good for nature; sustainable palm oil

Are you someone who really cares about nature? And don’t like it when forests are cut down to grow products that are used for production? That’s understandable. It is often the case that if a product is going well and there is more demand for it, more land has to be made. During deforestation, forest fires often occur, which release much more CO2. Which is obviously bad for nature? Greenpeace has come up with a solution to make sustainable palm oil. Do you want to know how Greenpeace make sure that there is room made for sustainable palm oil? Then read on to find out more.

No more deforestation

Greenpeace ensures that sustainable palm oil can only be grown when no more forest has to be cut. As a result, sustainable palm oil is grown responsibly. This ensures that the living environment of, for example, orangutans continues to exist. This way they can just keep climbing the trees they always climb.

Besides the fact that there is no more deforestation, more yield is also made from sustainable palm oil than from other vegetable oils. This is because palm oil is used in many products and there is therefore a high demand for it.

Eating products without palm oil?

If you want to live on products without palm oil, that is almost impossible. More than half of the products in the supermarket contain palm oil. So most of the products you use every day also contain palm oil. This allows you to make a better choice by buying products with sustainable palm oil. By using products with sustainable palm oil, you can be sure that you are using a product that is better for the environment and nature. Then you will sleep much better at night if you know that you have helped nature instead of contributing to deforestation and environmental pollution. Then you probably don’t sleep so well anymore.

Palm oil is an ingredient that is used in many products. When there is a greater demand for palm oil, deforestation often takes place. This is because more space has to be created for planting oil palms. With Greenpeace they ensure that the palm oil is grown sustainably. With the sustainable palm oil, they ensure that the forest is not cut down and thus no unnecessary forest fires arise. This does not deprive the habitat of several animals. This way they can also enjoy their natural environment.

Devian Alward

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