How to get kids?

If you want a child, that is a great step. A child is a huge miracle, it is the best thing you can do in the world. A baby is something that comes from the love between two people, it comes from nature. How cool and at the same time bizarre is that? That our bodies, together as man and woman, can just do this. That it is possible to create new life, just with nature and without technology. If you think about it, it will surprise you more and more. That is not crazy at all, but what if you want a child? What do you have to do then? Apart from the obvious, we are going to help you. No, we are not going to stand by and give you tips. We are going to give you some tips on what you can do to maximise your chances of success. You can read it all in this blog, good luck. Cheers to new life!

Sperm check

Okay, first things first. We are going to ask you to do a home sperm count test first. This might sound a bit scary, but it is not at all. With this test you can easily see if you have fertile sperm. As you know, the sperm is important because it fertilises the egg. Therefore, your sperm must be in top condition. Fortunately, this is very easy to test with a sperm check. You can do this at home, in a safe environment. You send in a sample of your sperm and this will be examined in the lab. There, they will see exactly (after some tests) what your ‘sperm count’ is. Your sperm count can vary by your lifestyle, age, stress and much more.

Fertility check woman

You need two people for a child; the man and the woman. The man has already been tested, now it is the woman’s turn. The woman can also have her fertility tested and we strongly recommend doing so. If you do not do this, you still do not know if it is possible to have a child.


A woman has a cycle and that cycle includes when a woman is fertile and can therefore become pregnant. You can keep a close eye on this cycle and therefore find out when you can become pregnant. This is highly recommended.

Devian Alward

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