Squares Force in BNPL: Afterpay Acquisition

After the acquisition of Afterpay, Square Inc. is likely to become a more powerful force in the rapidly growing Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) market. Are you interested in Square integration? What can you expect from this huge acquisition in payments?

Square Purchasing Afterpay: What to Expect

Square has decided to acquire BNPL company Afterpay for $29 billion. This is the largest acquisition Square has ever had and is going to create bases for Square to become a major player in the BNPL fintech space.

The deal enables both companies to scale a 2-sided, multichannel payments, commerce, and financial services ecosystem. This will create a brighter future for Square’s integrated POS platform and enable the company to deliver merchant services, thus enabling the company to enlarge its customer base.

Moreover, Afterpay and Square’s Cash App users can do more business within their new ecosystem. This will appeal to more merchants and help the companies raise more revenue.

Square in BNPL

Did you know that 14% of all U.S. consumers relied on a BNPL solution in 2020? By the way, the BNPL market is forecast to grow 10 – 15 times by 2025, as Bank of America reports. Because of the Square/Afterpay deal, there are more discussions over the way traditional banks and card networks should act in the BNPL space.

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Let’s move on with the Square/Afterpay acquisition. So, Square will integrate Afterpay’s service with its seller ecosystem and payment platform Cash App. The users base accounts for over 70 million U.S. consumers and small businesses. In addition, Afterpay’s users represent over 16 million consumers and the company’s services are used by over 100.000 businesses.

Now, Square gets an opportunity to deliver BNPL services to its millions of merchants. on a side note, the payments processed by these merchants made up $38.8bn during the company’s most recent quarter. And this isn’t the whole story: Afterpay will also add its clients, including Amazon and Target.

Square/After Deal: What This Means in the BNPL Market 

Square is buying Afterpay and entering the fast-growing Buy Now, Pay Later market. The deal is worth $29 Billion and is the largest one for Square.

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