The most Important Appliances that consume the most electricity in your house

Your TV, washing machine, refrigerator, and other appliances are responsible for more than half of your electricity consumption. But do you know who consumes the most?

They are the biggest consumers of energy in our homes: 55% of the electricity used by Spanish households is “due” to their electrical appliances. Refrigerator, washing machine, TV.

If you want to save and be more efficient, this is one of your battlefronts, according to Duke Energy. The other, a cheaper electricity rate according to your habits, ie just when several appliances are in operation.

Refrigerator: almost a third of what you consume

The undisputed “electric king” of the house. It’s essential in any home … and you know it! Therefore, it has no qualms about consuming up to 30.6% of what all your appliances consume.

In order not to overeat it, it is important not to leave the door open (it greatly increases the work of the engine), as well as not to introduce hot foods (the effort to cool them makes it consume more energy).

The most efficient refrigerators are class A +++, which consume up to 80% less than class D. An economy that, throughout its life, prevents the emission of a ton and a half of CO2 into the atmosphere (there is nothing) and saves you about 1,000 euros.

Washing machine

In a tough fight for the silver medal, the washing machine takes 11.8% of the electricity consumed by your appliances, according to tenergy power.

To save on this appliance, just use short programs and cold washes whenever possible. Also, if your washing machine does not have an adjustable load, you should use it when it is full and at low or moderate temperatures, because most of the energy is used to heat the water.


Although the use of tablets and other devices consumes the TV, this is the third home appliance that consumes the most energy for use. To avoid this:

  • Forget about standby: Leaving the TV plugged in is expensive. It is estimated that the “standby” consumption of electronic devices represents 11% of the electricity bill;
  • Find out about renewable energy companies;
  • Choose an LED TV: If you are thinking of buying a new TV, keep in mind that the LCD screens with LED backlighting are the ones that save the most energy. A +++ energy certification is the most efficient on the market.
  • Adjust brightness and contrast: the more contrast and brightness, the more consumption.
  • Size matters: Size is also crucial when it comes to the electricity bill. Older TVs consume more.


It appears in the TOP 5 of the big consumers of electricity. We encourage you to:

  • Select the fastest washing machine spin.
  • If you are going to iron later, finish the drying program beforehand.
  • Keep it clean by removing the fluff from the filter and condenser.
  • Fill the drum, respecting the maximum load.
  • If you can choose, buy gas dryers, and if they are electric they have the most efficient energy label.

Devian Alward

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